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Welcome to Bare Pits

Where Pure Natural Ingredients Work Together

Armpit Detox

100% Dead Sea Mud Clay Mask To Remove Toxins - Less Sweat & Odor

Luxurious Body & Skin Care

Discover the natural skin care of MONOI de TAHITI Infused Tiare

Miracle Healing African Black Soap

Lye Free Soap - Body - Face - Hair Wash For All Skin Types

Natural Deodorant That's Barely There

We use nature's most precious elements to make luxurious non-toxic armpit and body care for sensitive skin to give you a balanced life. Our products are free of aluminum, baking soda, alcohol, toxins, and fragrances. Feel the freedom.

Why Bare Pits?

We create cruelty free armpit and body care products with organic and food grade ingredients. Perfectly balanced and easy to use to provide long protection that feels and smells amazing. We are eco-conscious and use recyclable packaging. Feel the love & enjoy your spa experience! Your armpits need the same treatment as your face, armpit care is skin care!

Sweat, odor, hormones? Sound Familiar?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our product line is full of natural occurring ingredients with minerals & antibacterial properties. Earth's natural clays absorbs moisture & organic essential oils provide long lasting scent. Antioxidants provide extreme nourishment. Vegan & organic ingredients balance skin PH. Luxurious formulas provide easy to use products that work with your own body chemistry.

What is MONO'I?

Tahitian for “scented oil,” Mono'i is a fragrant elixir that is made by steeping the petals of Tahitian gardenias (Tiare flowers) in coconut oil for 10 days. 

Why is it so luxurious & unique?

Monoi is a soothing, non-clogging and protective oil that deeply hydrates skin without stripping it of its natural oils. It is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin E & ferulic acid that neutralizes free radicals. The magic is in the flowers which contain high levels of methyl salicylate & lauric acid which heal skin. The aroma is paradise!

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

We are vegan and cruelty free certified. Our products are tested by people, not animals.

Organic Ingredients

Our products are made with food grade and organic ingredients.

Made in the USA

We are proud to have a full line of body care products made in the USA.



I have used bare pits exclusively for almost 3 years. Working with cancer clients and helping them find clean products. Removing all irritants from their life and body. The detox paste is crucial and the magnesium spray is a must. I could never imagine my life without Bare Pits.

Jeanette C

During and after menopause, I couldn’t find a product to control unpleasant armpit odor. After discovering Bare Pits, my search was over. The products worked from day 1 and the scents are amazing! Anyone with stubborn BO needs to try their products. You can even skip a few days and still be covered!

Donna K

This deodorant smells absolutely divine, and I am someone who only uses unscented products. Houston's sweltering heat also couldn't beat the deodorant, and I ended up smelling absolutely fresh by the end of the day. The ingredients are fantastic and are meant for sensitive skin types. Cannot recommend it enough.

Sharmila S