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  • Why is Bare Pits different than other natural deodorants?

    Bare Pits was created especially for sensitive skin and gives you a spa like experience in armpit care. It is made in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients and is organic. It doesn't clog pores and allows the body to detox and neutralize odor. All Bare Pits armpit and body care is vegan and cruelty-free.

  • My armpits turned dark when I tried other natural deodorants, does Bare Pits do that?

    No, most natural deodorants have baking soda or alcohol, which can cause a rash because of its’ alkaline pH. At too high of a concentration, it can be abrasive and cause discolorations. Bare Pits products do not have baking soda or alcohol. The Weekly Pit Detox paste will help to lighten dark armpits.

  • Is it an antiperspirant?

    Natural deodorant allows you to perspire a little, and if your underarms start to become wet, the formula absorbs moisture quickly and still locks in freshness. Ingredients in Bare Pits’ deodorant stick and magnesium spray helps neutralize PH, combat odor, and kill bacteria.

  • How do I apply?

    When using Bare Pits product jars, remove the product using the enclosed spatula, and warm a small, pea-sized amount between the fingers to soften completely before applying.

    When using deodorant sticks, hold under the arm momentarily to soften upon contact with body heat before gently applying a thin, even layer. Start small as a little goes a long way.

  • How long does it last?

    Bare Pits full-size products generally last 2-3 months when used every day. Bare Pits products lasts up to twice as long as conventional alternatives.

  • Since I am switching to natural, what should i start with?

    Congratulations on your decision to go natural with Bare Pits. To help with the transition, it is strongly recommended to try the Weekly Pit Detox to help pull out toxins and heavy metals. Then try the regular or extra strength deodorant, depending on how much you typically sweat.

    As with any new product and skincare and armpit care routine, give yourself a few weeks for a full detox and you will sweat less and have less odor.

  • What is the shelf life?

    Bare Pits products have a shelf life of about 8 months unopened and roughly 6 months after being opened.

  • I have Hyperhidrosis, can Bare Pits help me?

    Yes, the Bare Pits Detox Pit Paste will help detox underarms when used daily. This extra strength deodorant with bentonite clay food grade will absorb moisture and provide minerals that will help fight this condition.

  • Why should I use the HOLY Pit Butter?

    HOLY Pit Butter is a blend of organic butters, organic coconut oil and organic essential oils to heal skin irritations instantly. It is best used at night after wiping the underarms. It provides a blend of natural vitamins A, C, E, F, fatty acids and collagen.

  • Will the natural deodorant sprays work?

    Bare Pits natural vegan and organic magnesium deodorant sprays detox armpits, soothe skin, and provide freshness. Magnesium oil helps neutralize pH, coconut oil helps to soothe skin, and several other key ingredients provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

  • Will it stain my clothes?

    Bare Pits products do not stain clothes. Everything will wash off!

  • Do you use organic essential oils for scent?

    Bare Pits only provides the highest quality organic essential oils for scenting their products. Each essential oil has healing properties as well.

  • What is the best product for armpit rash?

    The HOLY Pit Butter, an organic armpit healing oil, and the Hand and Lip Repair Butter will work instantly to heal skin of armpit rashes, itchiness, redness and irritation.

  • What is Mono'i de Tahiti Infused Tiare

    Monoi is Tahitian for “scented oil”, and it is a fragrant elixir made by steeping the petals of Tahitian gardenias (Tiare flowers) in coconut oil. It deeply hydrates, protects skin and hair, delays signs of aging, and does not strip skin or hair of its natural oils. 

  • Should I detox my armpits?

    When switching to aluminum free deodorant and to keep up armpit maintenance, our armpit detox mask is a must. Activated, Charcoal, aloe powder, and clays combine to pull out toxins, gently exfoliate and clarify. Armpit skin is left soft, smoother and bright.

  • What is used to fragrance your products?

    All Bare Pits organic products are scented with pure organic essential oils that have long lasting scent and healing properties.

  • Should I cleanse my armpits?

    Yes, Bare Pits Organic Cleansing Armpit Spray will cleanse, tone, rebalance pH, and soothe skin. This will help make natural deodorant even more effective.

  • What causes armpit odor?

    Underarm odor, like body odor, is mainly linked to the apocrine glands.

    These glands are often found in the genital area, nipples, armpits, breasts, and ears. While they are responsible for the secretion of milk in the breasts and earwax in the ears, they help in the secretion of sweat in your genital area, nipples, and underarms.

    It is the sweat produced by these glands that produces odor. This odor, which may sometimes be foul-smelling, is a result of bacteria breaking down the protein-rich sweat..

    Sweating is your body’s way of regulating its temperature. The accompanying armpit smell, however, can be a major turn off. While deodorants and antiperspirants do work, the latest reports suggest that prolonged use can be harmful. This is due to the chemicals they use to make it last longer.

    It’s vital to understand that your sweat doesn’t stink. It interacts with the bacteria on your skin and that’s what causes the underarm smell.

  • How often do I need to detox my armpits?

    Your initial armpit detox, using Bare Pits weekly detox paste will help you purge all the build up of aluminum and toxins in the first few weeks when used 3 tomes a week. After your armpits fully detox, you can add a armpit detox to your armpit care routine monthly or as you feel needed.