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Bare Pits

On a Mission

Bare Pits is dedicated to creating organic and cruelty-free products that work effectively, feel great, and heal the body. It became Bare Pits’ mission to make only natural underarm and body products after hearing of so many loved ones and their friends and family members affected by cancer. Bare Pits recognizes that everyone has a different body chemistry and that everyone’s armpit care routine will be slightly different and unique. There is something for everyone to use, try and implement into a daily underarm and skincare care routine. All products are small batched for quality control and made with organic and food grade ingredients.

Mila - Our Founder

Several years ago, Mila was on the hunt for a more natural, organic and more effective deodorant that would leave her body feeling healthy and nourished. She also had hormonal odor, and as a mother of four, she wanted safer, non-toxic ingredients that would reduce odors and help balance her skin from within. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to create one, and Bare Pits was born. Her mother-in-law was a breast cancer survivor, and Mila knew that aluminum could be a culprit and linked to breast cancer as well as other cancers and autoimmune diseases. Mila’s passion for real pure ingredients and her determination to educate women on skincare and how it works is evident in the incredible line of products that Bare Pits has created.

Look and Feel Natural

Bare Pits focus is on creating a natural armpit care line for sensitive skin that is 100% baking soda free, aluminum-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. All ingredients are organic and food grade to nourish skin while keeping pores open, absorbing moisture and neutralizing odor while killing bacteria giving your armpits a spa like experience.

Armpit Care is Skin Care