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Bare Pits Natural Detox Deodorant & Pit Care For Sensitive Skin .. Baking Soda FREE, Aluminum FREE

Deciding to make the switch to natural deodorant should be easy, right?

Unfortunately, there is information you need to understand and ingredients you need to know before you may end up with itchy, red, discolored, and painful armpits.

What is this "sensitive skin deodorant"? Who knew that you have sensitive skin before you started using a natural deodorant. Many "natural" deodorant companies use harsh ingredients that can make you regret your choice to make the switch. Stay confident in knowing that Bare Pits is an entire pit care line for sensitive skin, to keep your skin silky and smooth and odor free. Our natural baking soda free detox deodorant is magnesium enriched for odor control and packed with organic nourishing ingredients that allow your pits to balance and work naturally. Most popular (love rose, breathe, jasmine tea, infused gardenia).

INGREDIENTS: organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic mango butter, organic kokum butter, organic arrowroot powder, organic beeswax, diatomaceous earth food grade, vegan grapefruit seed extract, magnesium hydroxide, kaolin clay, organic essential oils, and 100% LOVE

"I’m so glad I found this company. I have been searching for natural alternatives to the deodorants i used to use, but most of them have caused irritation or were not easily accessible to me. Bare Pits is the best natural, baking soda free deodorant I have yet tried, and using your deodorant as well as the pit butter has started to heal the red rashes I had developed from using deodorants full of baking soda. I will never turn back!"

Lets talk a little bit about what causes armpit irritation and what to do about it:


If you’ve been paying attention to beauty industry news, you’re probably sick to death of hearing about parabens. But just in case you don’t know, parabens are preservatives that keep our beauty products from growing mold and bacteria over time. Sounds like a good deal, right? Sure, except for the fact that parabens are suspected to be carcinogens.

Few deodorants have parabens in them these days. Most deodorants are alcohol-based, and alcohol is self-preserving. But if you have sensitive skin, you really don’t want to be using an alcohol-based deodorant, either.

Fragrance or Perfume

Wait, what? No nice-smelling deodorants? What just sounds like a pleasant smell is actually a lot more than that. When any beauty product has fragrance or perfume listed as an ingredient, it doesn’t just mean that it smells good. The FDA allows brands to use “fragrance” as a catch-all phrase to mean any chemical that contributes to the formula’s smell. It helps brands to keep their formula a secret from competitors.

But on the flip side, if you have sensitive skin, a fragrance is a potential danger. You don’t know exactly what is included in the fragrance, so you won’t know if you’ll get a bad reaction without trial and error. Better just stay away from deodorant with fragrance.

Lucky for you, all our skin care & pit care products are made with organic essential oils that are safe to use without any carrier oils. We even have an organic vanilla essential oil.


The majority of deodorants have alcohol in them for two reasons.

Mainly, alcohol helps to dry the deodorant faster. (Through trial and error, I’m sure you probably already know how ineffective non-drying deodorant can be.)

Secondly, it’s a natural bacteria-killer, which helps preserve the formula. The fact that it kills bacteria also helps with keeping you fresh. Why? When it comes down to it, sweat doesn’t have its own smell. When we smell our own body odor, we’re actually smelling the bacteria breaking it down.

So alcohol: doesn’t sound bad, right? Well, it can be if you have sensitive skin. Deodorant with alcohol is going to dry out the sensitive skin under your arms, leading to irritation.


Aluminum is in most antiperspirants. It’s what clogs up the sweat glands in your armpits and prevents us from sweating. But for some people, it can also cause negative skin reactions, like irritation, itchiness, and rashes. Truthfully, this is the biggest obstacle in finding a natural deodorant for sensitive skin that works.

Luckily, our natural detox deodorant along with our easy pit care system will absorb your moisture, neutralize your PH balance, and kill bacteria causing odor.

Again, B.O. is caused by bacteria, not our actual sweat. So if you’re going aluminum-free, try an organic scent detox deodorant that’s good at killing bacteria.


Most natural deodorants use baking soda as a key ingredient to combat odor – but it is usually the culprit for irritated pits. Due to its alkaline pH, baking soda can feel abrasive or possibly cause irritation if the product contains high levels of this odor-blocking ingredient.

Controlling body odor comes down to science. So, let’s get the science basics out of the way first. We all have a layer of sweat and sebum that forms a coating on our skin known as the acid mantle. It may sound gross, but this coating protects our skin by preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The pH of the acid mantle ranges from 4 to 5.5, meaning it is slightly acidic. You might have noticed that many natural deodorants contain sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, which has a pH of about 8 to 8.5 (alkaline).

Deodorants that contain baking soda are relying on its antibacterial properties to help control the bacteria that grows in our underarms, which cause odor when they break down sweat. So why does baking soda in natural deodorant getting so much bad rep? Is it really causing irritation and rashes? Well, we are back to science. Remember making the classic vinegar and baking soda volcano? When the alkaline baking soda deodorant is applied to our acidic underarms, a chemical reaction occurs.

If your acid mantle pH level has been affected you need to rebuild & restore it

  1. By using our pit cleansing serum spray ( lavender eucalyptus most popular) /this will remove all the excess bacteria causing odor
  2. Cleanse your armpits with our miracle all natural organic soap (best care for face also).. gentle soap that restores skin
  3. Use HOLY pit butter to heal any skin irritations that is packed with vitamins & minerals
  4. Using our natural detox deodorant for sensitive skin will also detox your armpits daily as well as nourish your skin (love rose most popular)
  5. Using our VEGAN magnesium detox deodorant spray will also help neutralize PH & odor as well as give you magnesium (lavender vanilla most popular)

It is important to note that many people confuse this type of irritation with an allergic reaction (allergic contact dermatitis) or with detoxing. Having underarm irritation and redness is not detoxing (this myth has been circulating for way too long!). Detox is a completely different process, during which you may experience stronger smelling body odor and sweating in excess as you get rid of all the build up of toxins and chemicals. Over time using natural deodorant, you will have less odor and sweat.

When you start using natural deodorant for the first time, your armpits may need some time to adjust. Just like any big life change – give your body time to grieve the loss of conventional deodorant. This adjustment period (aka detox phase) can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.


  • Here are some tips to help make the transition to natural deodorant even more smooth…
  • Drink more water to support the detoxification process.
  • Start dry brushing to stimulate lymph flow + flush out toxins.
  • Do a pit detox with Bare Pits aloe weekly pit detox paste
  • Eliminate processed and refined foods, eat
  • lots of leafy green vegetables and getting regular exercise can help support the detoxification process and promote balanced pits – and better B.O.!