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Why is baking soda in my natural deodorant causing rashes and discoloration? Aluminum FREE DEODORANT

I want to address one of the biggest issues in natural deodorants, armpits rashes, burns, and discoloration. You are trying to make the switch and it should be easy. You pick up the first natural brand and find that you smell worse, then you try another and you get red rashy armpits after a few weeks and this continues (sound familiar)? Most natural deodorants on the market use baking soda, it is great for many things, but not for our sensitive pits.

There is no such thing as a baking soda allergy.

An allergy is an immune response to a substance that your body sees as "foreign." It sends white blood cells to attack the foreign substance, usually a protein or a substance that binds to a protein (called a happen.) Baking soda is a simple substance that's easily soluble in water and breaks down into sodium and bicarbonate ions (or to elemental carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen), which are common metabolites in the body. All are elements that the body needs to function. It doesn't act like a protein or bind to proteins to create a molecule that triggers an immune response. There's no function whereby baking soda could be an allergen.

With that being said, people are becoming more aware about the dangers of using antiperspirants containing toxic ingredients, more people are choosing aluminium-free deodorants as a safer option. However, within a few months of using aluminium-free natural deodorants such as Native, Piper Wai, Primal Pit Paste, some people notice a visible darkening of the skin in their armpit or an armpit rash appears.


Diet, genetics and improper treatment are often the root cause of skin care problems. While there’s not much you can do about your genetic makeup, a healthy diet plays an important part in keeping your skin glowing with health. They way you treat your skin is also very important. For instance if your skin is dehydrated, using an alkaline-heavy skincare product damages the skin and makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. Your skin acts as a barrier to keeping toxins out. Alkaline-heavy products weaken this barrier, increase moisture-loss and decrease the skin’s ability to control bacteria. It also puts skin at risk of chemical burns, which causes discomfort and scarring.


Most natural deodorants contain sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda. As a cleaning agent, baking soda is often used to get rid of stains from toilet bowls, sinks and washbasins. Sodium bicarbonate sits high on the alkaline side of the pH scale. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. 1 is highly acidic and 14 is highly alkaline.

Sodium bicarbonate has a pH of 9, which is above neutral. Ideally, skincare products should be in the 4.5 – 5.5 pH range.

When you use a deodorant which contains sodium bicarbonate, over a period of time it alters the pH balance of your skin and as a result, the skin begins to turn dark. It can also feel raw, irritated and itchy.


Some people who switch from using antiperspirants containing aluminum to natural deodorants believe there is a detox period one has to go through when switching from commercial antiperspirants to natural deodorants. They describe rash, redness and discoloration as symptoms which occur during the detox period.

The reality is that these symptoms have nothing to do with detox, but are a result of an unhealthy concentration of baking soda being applied to the skin.

You will most likely go through a detox period where you can smell worse before better while you are getting rid of the buildup of toxins. Time can vary from a few days to a few months.


For anyone looking to revers discoloration from their armpits, there’s good news. Bare Pits weekly pit detox paste is a revolutionary new, all-natural and organic formulation which draws out the toxins and impurities in the armpit area leaving your pits refreshed and moisturized.

Switching from a conventional deodorant to Bare Pits natural deodorant options and using the pit detox will show a noticeable reduction in discoloration, redness and the disappearance of rashes. Equally important it also keeps body odor away.

Another amazing product is our organic aluminum free magnesium deodorant spray completely kills odor and gives you a fresh feel and a dose of magnesium. Just shake and spray, you can literally spray your entire body if wanted and feet.

Just one happy customer..

"Mila, Your products for sensitive skin are amazing. My search for a natural deodorant that works is officially over and you have a new customer for life. Your pit butter healed the rash I had which resulted from another natural deodorant brand that I was using. I use the pit butter now for my cracked heels and any dry patches on my face because 1) it's that good and 2) your deodorant product is not giving my pits a rash and is so moisturizing that I have no need for the pit butter on my pits anymore! Your cleansing pit serum feels so refreshing after a shower and gives such a nice "pick me up" for my pits. This product is a keeper! Your magnesium enriched deodorant is very moisturizing and I love how it melts into my skin. The couple of times I've reapplied this product later in the day, the paste still melts into my skin and my pits do not feel "heavy" like other natural deodorants have made them feel when I've added another layer. Your magnesium detox spray is my go-to product after a heavy workout or hike or just when my pits need a quick freshening up during the day. It instantly removes any odor and also does not leave my pits feeling "heavy". I saw on your Instagram page that you are working on offering this in a roll-on form. You do that, I'm so there! This is the product I carry around with me at all times. Thank you for creating these products and for sending me the samples in other scents. I do love the lemon grapefruit scent I requested; it's exactly what I was looking for, a crisp and light citrus scent. I have yet to try the lavender vanilla but it smells so divine! I'll be trying it soon enough! I'll be purchasing all the products in the magnesium pit kit again and I look forward to trying out other products you offer. Thank you again, Isabel"