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Bare Pits #1 Non-Toxic Cleanser For Surfaces & Skin - Glowing Skin HOCL

Sterilize, disinfect, and deodorize your home, office, surfaces, skin with Bare Pits Natural Non-Toxic alcohol free sanitizer spray, known as ‘anolyte water’.
Earth's best kept secret - this miracle spray does wonders on your skin as well, spray in cotton pad and wipe your face to cleanse and heal all irritations or acne- leaves your skin glowing.
A patented Electro-chemical activation process mimics the chemistry of the human body’s defense system. As a result, anolyte water is as simple as it is effective. The key ingredient to anolyte water’s advanced disinfection power is the compound Hypochlorous acid. Our All-Purpose Cleaners clean surface debris and deodorize with no toxic fumes as in traditional cleaners.
Simply put, our products do what we say they do. Our proprietary Hypochlorous Acid formulation fights to keep you clean. With nothing but salt, water, electricity — and a decade of research. HOCl is the same compound that is created when lightning strikes the ocean, and that is created by our white blood cells to fight infection. We simply figured out how to make it stable, without any additives, stabilizers, or carcinogens.

0% Alcohol in our sanitizer

But we think it is better that way! With the same EPA technology as recommended CDC alcohol-based sanitizers, you are getting the same germ-killing properties without any harsh side-effects. The PH balance of anolyte water means it is safe to use on and around humans, animals and food. While bacteria, viruses, fungi and could are destroyed on contact with no chemical residue. Did we mention it is also 100% biodegradable? Centuries of use-cases and modern-day testing however, all highlight the effectiveness of anolyte water in destroying known human pathogens. 
USAGE TIPS: All our sanitizers are sold ready-to-use for deep cleaning and sanitization  in 300ppm. 
PS. You don’t need to rinse it off because it is 100% Natural. Choose unscented, lavender, or breathe (organic essential oils)
Comes in a 8 oz glass bottle and you can purchase a 8 oz refill. 
  • - Nature-Derived
  • - Strong & sensitive
  • - Eco-innovative
  • - Multi-functional
  • - For the constant clean
  • - Removes dirt and grime
  • - No toxic fumes or residue
  • - Natural Deodorizer
  • - Reenergize cells
  • - No wipe needed
  • - Safe to spray on kids and pets
  • - Heals Skin

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