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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT - Charity White "Behold Yeshua"

Bare Pits journey isn't just about creating unique armpit and body care products, but also the people you come across that fill your soul. We wouldn't be able to continue this journey without you. 
Here is our spotlight on Charity White:
I’m an Indiana Taylor University graduate who majored in Music Education and desired to teach but God had other plans. I had no intention of composing music, but here I am. I’m a student of the Word of God and I love diving into the original Hebrew text when I get a chance.  This song is taken directly from the book of Isaiah. It’s about the blind receiving their sight and the deaf being made to hear. It’s about miracles. My heart’s desire is to bring healing to those in need and I hope that this song is the beginning of that. I named it Behold Yeshua because my faith in Him and His Word has gotten me through many trials- trials that almost took my life but didn’t. If this song can bring any comfort or shalom to those who hear it than that will bring joy to my heart.

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