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"Bare Pits Chronicles: Nurturing Armpit Wellness Naturally"


  • The focus on an often-overlooked body part – our armpits

Debunking the Transition to Natural Deodorants:

  • Addressing a common concern: body odor during the switch to natural deodorants
  • Steps to ease the transition and the importance of aluminum-free options

Pore Education: The Unsung Heroes:

  • Definition of oil pores and sweat pores, emphasizing their significance
  • The role of oil pores in distributing sebum for supple and healthy skin
  • Insight into sweat pores, their function in temperature regulation, and the contribution of eccrine and apocrine glands

The Sweat Connection: Exercising for Wellness:

  • Emphasis on the link between sweat, hormones, and body odor
  • Encouraging exercise and saunas for effective detoxification and armpit wellness

A Word From Verywell: Pores, Your Skin's Allies:

  • Acknowledging the importance of pores in skin health
  • Mentioning cosmetic treatments for enlarged pores
  • Recommending exfoliating treatments for minimizing pore appearance

Natural Armpit Care Revolution with Bare Pits:

  • Introduction to Bare Pits' comprehensive armpit care line
  • Exclusion of baking soda, fragrances, and alcohol from the products
  • Encouragement for a personalized journey with products like dead sea armpit mud mask, yeast-free African soap, aloe rose armpit skin toner, cleansing sprays, pit refresher, magnesium deodorant spray or stick, aloe or colloidal silver roll-on

The Miracle of MONOI de TAHITI: A Natural Paradise:

  • Unveiling MONOI de TAHITI and its healing properties
  • Integration of MONOI in Bare Pits' products, from deodorant sticks to face oil and armpit scrubs
  • Customer testimonials attesting to the long-lasting natural scent and effectiveness of MONOI-infused products

Bare Pits' Holistic Approach: From Armpits to Toes:

  • Showcase of MONOI-infused orchid face oil, turmeric armpit scrub, full-body oil spray, and luxurious hand and foot repair butter
  • Real-life success stories, like the armpit rash resolution with the African soap and MONOI butter

One common question I encounter is about the transition to natural deodorants and the temporary odor that comes with it. The key is understanding the role of our pores – those small openings where oil and sweat surface from glands below. We have oil pores, connected to oil glands, and sweat pores, both vital for skin health.

These pores, essential for maintaining supple and moisturized skin, play a crucial role. Sweat pores, specifically in our armpits and groin, manage body temperature through evaporative cooling. It's no secret that sweat, hormones, and diet contribute to body odor, underscoring the importance of exercise and detoxification.

A brief insight from Verywell reminds us that pores, though small, are integral to our skin's health. Closing them hinders proper functioning, emphasizing the need for cosmetic treatments and exfoliation.

Now, armed with knowledge about how our armpits function, we can discuss controlling odor and sweat with natural, skin-friendly ingredients. Our journey at Bare Pits offers a diverse range of products, each catering to different sensitivities. From dead sea armpit mud masks to African soap, aloe rose skin toners, cleansing sprays, and more – our lineup is tailored for your unique needs.