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New Article on Bare Pits From Canvas Rebel - Best Aluminum Free Deodorant

When i started @barepits - I didn’t realize what a passion I would have. It was an idea in my head, and I have learned so much about educating others how to treat your armpits like your face.
I have been lucky to be in Mothers Market, Fermentation Farm, Center For New Medicine, and HSN. I have learned so much along the way, met so many amazing people and have been able to show my kids how to start something from nothing.
I thank my hubby who has supported me from the beginning, come to my events, woke up at 2 AM when i had airings on HSN, and allowed me to follow my passion. Working together @keyhomegroup and being a present mommy is all I could hope for.
Here is a recent article written up about me. Follow your dreams. #barepits #aluminumfreedeodorant #armpitdetox